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I make lasting digital products and innovative campaigns for companies who need to stand out. Companies like Sony, Intel, Skype, Coca Cola, and ITV trust me to help them innovate and bring award-winning products to market.

I speak at events and get invited to exploratory hackathons designed to push the limits of current web tech. I like to share my craft and sometimes volunteer my time to community groups.

client work

I wrote custom Shazam-like technology for WMG and Tinie Tempah. When the app detects one of Tinie’s songs, it drops you into a video of his lips rapping along in perfect time. Fans can hold it to their mouth and “rap like Tinie”. The app was a success; repeated antics from celebrities like Greg James (Radio 1) pushed download numbers, and extended functionality for album owners drove new sales.

I’ve worked on interactive campaigns for most of the major music labels (as well as some fun smaller ones). As an example, for Virgin’s 40th anniversary, Rob and I created a site designed for maximum nostalgia. It generated a mixtape of Virgin tracks that were popular in your youth and presented them on a record/tape/cd/MP3 player based on your age.

I led development on Skype in the Classroom in a phase focused on discovery and search. We delivered valuable improvements led by user insights that made teachers happy and boosted Skype’s brand. I continued in this role as Skype partnered with, working with a subcontractor in fast, interative sprints.

I’m as comfortable with backend problems as I am user facing ones; I audited and refactored an early version of the Ghost blogging engine and improved’s scheduled publishing system in a 71 file PR.

personal projects

I made a bot that scanned open source projects for bloated assets and proactively submitted changes reducing their footprint. It spawned a debate in the community that ultimately led to an article in WIRED.

I entered the 2014 JS1k competition with Flappy Dragon, a 'flappy' game written in just 1022 bytes of Javascript (including graphics).

I went to Facebook's office with a 1950s telegraph entry pad that I'd hacked to post Facebook statuses (if you knew your morse code).

Working with Syd, I created a pure javascript (getUserMedia, web audio) goldfish-controlled music synthesiser. No animals were harmed and Mozilla ended up adopting Biggie and Tupac for their London reception.

At Midem, I made a stylophone-powered game that detects pitch using the web audio api and a JS FFT, so that the notes you play are heard by a microphone and control the height of a helicopter.

I got a first at uni for inventing a passwordless web login method. [pdf]

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